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Re: sshd no longer accepts connections

On Tue 13 Feb 2001, Jon Leonard wrote:

> There are 3 packages that are currently giving me trouble:
> w3m, man-db, and vim-gtk.
> The problem with w3m is that it wants a newer version of libc than I have:
> dselect - recursive package listing                  mark:+/=/- verbose:v help:?
> EIOM Pri Section  Package      Description
>  *** Opt text     w3m          WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/frames 
>  *** Req base     libc6.1      GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone data
> [snip]
> w3m          installed ;  install (was: install).  Optional                     
> w3m depends on libc6.1 (>= 2.1.97)

Ah, this is potato!

> frost->jleonard% man vi
> Reformatting vi(1), please wait...
> [blank screen in the pager]
> sh: ../debian/tmp/usr/bin/zsoelim: No such file or directory

Yes, I can reproduce this on a potato system.
I'm not sure how to cope with this; I guess I could upload to
"stable", and hope it gets into proposed-updates; however, I
recall one of the ftp-masters writing that proposed-updates
should go away...

The point is that potato is "stable", meaning nothing really gets
changed there.
Aargh, man-db got installed as a security-fix a couple of days
ago. Whoever Somehow the alpha package must have been botched
(the i386 package is OK).  I'll have a look at fixing this for

> It only generates the zsoelim message once for each man page looked at, though
> installing a man-db package resets that.  My best guess would be that man-db

It only generates a manpage if there isn't one in the cache.
Apparently even with the error a file (possibly empty) is created.

> I suspect that the vim-gtk was built on a system that didn't have gtk
> installed at the time, so the configure step built a non-graphical vim.

Build-Depends should help against that in the future...

> user unaligned acc      : 39158409 (pc=12004e170,va=1203801d2)

Ouch, that's a lot...

Anyway, it might be recommendable to upgrade to "testing",
which is quite usable IMHO. At least there things can be
fixed easily.

Paul Slootman
home:       paul@wurtel.net      http://www.wurtel.demon.nl/
work:       paul@murphy.nl       http://www.murphy.nl/
debian:     paul@debian.org      http://www.debian.org/
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