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Re: more xdm weirdness

On Sat 24 Feb 2001, ian wrote:

> An update to the xdm_4.0.2-1 peculiarity I reported previously: a file
> with the unprintable name <50 78 03 20 01 0A> (hexadecimal) has
> magically appeared in both the / and /root directories:

Good one!

I found a file "\360z\003\ \001" (as reported by ls -b) in
/root and in /etc/X11/xdm . In hex that's <F0 7A 03 20 01>
(perhaps the 0A in your name is simply the end of line?)

> # find / -xdev -name 'Px^C ^A' -exec ls -l {} \;

Hmm, I did locate with cut & paste combined with ctrl-V :-)

I wonder whether the filename is perhaps part of the time stamp
or something like that; it wouldn't the first time code thinks
that time_t is 4 bytes long (ping as discussed this week suffered
from a similar problem).

Paul Slootman
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