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XAnim & plugins

I have submitted bug #86376 to the Debian bug-tracking system,
claiming that the xanim plugins no longer work on Alpha.  These
plugins are the closed-source, NDA'd, binary-distribution portion of
xanim, that allows it to use fairly modern video codecs.

Anyway, the XAnim author has responded to this bug:

  My guess is that the libc used to compile the linux/Alpha DLLs
  is incompatible with the libc currently used by linux/Alpha

  Most likely they need to be recompiled and to do so I'd need to
  get an up-to-date linux/alpha cross compiler(using the current
  libc used by most linux/alpha) and that would run on a linux/x86
  libc6 system and a volunteer to test the results.

  It's unfortunate that every rev of libc and glibc are not
  compatible with each other. I hope they stabilize at some 


I would build such a cross-compiler for him but have no experience in
the matter and no way of testing it.  I am more than willing to test
the results of the recompiled plugins.

So, if someone on this list knows how to build such a cross-compiler
(or even better, has one already), please send a note to
86376@bugs.debian.org describing where it can be obtained.

Once this is done, we can all enjoy watching Quicktime and AVI movies
on our Alphas.


Doug Larrick  doug@ties.org  doug.larrick@compaq.com  AIM: DougLarick

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