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Debian Alpha install CD ignoring QLogic 2200 card ?

Good afternoon everybody,

I'm trying to get fiber channel stuff going under Debian Alpha
with no particular success. Just to make sure I haven't missed
anything, I reinstalled everything from scratch yesterday.
I looked in various options during installation but haven't
seen anything resembling QLogic or fiber channel, and
it seems autoconfiguration (if there is any, I don't know)
choose to ignore the card totally.
Is there anything I can do to get it working ?
The fiber channel enclosure is powered up and the drive
is spinning (I doubt it matters for the recognition of the card

I have NCR and boot from SCSI drive, if it matters,
Debian stable 2.2 (I think, perhaps 2.2r2 or something).

I shall be very grateful for any hints,

Best regards,


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