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Re: bugs: dynamic libraries, xconsole, xdm

On Wed 21 Feb 2001, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> > xdm_4.0.2-1
> > 
> > Finally, xdm itself takes about five minutes to start up, again on a
> > 275MHz PC64. This is independent of the xconsole problem mentioned
> > above. I know that the problem is not with the X-server, because
> > startx brings it up much faster.  Something must be wrong; the xdm log
> > file is no help, because it's just a condensed version of the X-server
> > log. There doesn't appear to be any xdm-specific information in it;
> > perhaps this is a clue.
> That's very odd.  xdm starts right up on my SX and even faster on my
> UP2k at work.  Granted, I haven't tried it out since 4.0.2-1, but it
> worked very well then.  Initial load time may be killing you, though.
> Is xdm being started at boot time or is this from the command line
> after boot?

I noticed this too, about a month ago. I usually run my alpha headless,
only connecting to it via network. However, at that time I had taken it
with me to the debian booth at the Amsterdam Linux Expo, and when
starting up xdm I also noticed it took a couple of minutes to start up.
I didn't have time to diagnose this there, and since then I've forgotten
about it... I actually thought it might be trying to resolve something
via DNS (not having any IP connectivity there).

I'll see if I can look into this in at the weekend.


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