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signal 4 & 11, what to do?


My ruffian have started to give signal 4 and 11 every time gcc tries to build
anything bigger than "hello world". Now i wonder why this is happing and how to
take care of it? As far as i know the mbo and CPU is fine (both of the replaced
not to long ago,but the Ram can be broken but a´m planing to get new RAM(does
pc133work on ruffian/164UX?).

OR the errors have something to with gcc(I'm running debian unstable), since 
don't get this errors in any other program. 

Plz eqschuse(i cant spell it nor can ispell:() my bad English. 
E-Mail: daniel ernhill <daniel@ernhill.nu>
Date: 10-Feb-2001
Time: 18:54:59

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