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Re: Ext-3 on Alpha - experience sought...

thanks for the info, first of all.

> > I'm planning on using Ext-3 on my UP2000 with kernel 2.4.1, as soon as I receive some
> > positive news. I know of ReiserFS, but currently, it's not an option for me.
> Yikes, that's living on the edge. Are there ext3 patches for 2.4.x
> yet? I'm running 2.2.19pre7 plus a few other patches. ReiserFS in 2.4.1
> (+) should be OK on UP alpha (not SMP though).

Not that i know of, but i've been told, they are not far away. Besides the fact, that
2.4.1 survived the first round of stress-testing just fine, it seems to work OK for
me, although i did not yet try lots of new features ( netfilters, devFS and the like ). In addition,
my system only has disks and networking, nothing else ( runs of a serial console ),. so
take my comments with a grain of salt.
OTOH, i really like some of the new features in the kernel.

I'll pass a few releases of the first Ext-3/2.4.x combo, before i try. But it's definitely
good news, that the journalling logic and the FS core seems to be in good shape.


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