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Re: Re: Ext-3 on Alpha - experience sought...

I've been running xfs now for a few weeks and that seems to be fairly reliable, though
it has had very little loading (compilling mozilla is about the heaviest load I given it)
and I haven't tried power cycled the machine with a mounted xfs drive.

All in all though xfs seems pretty good. I untarred the entire mozilla tarball and it was
about 20% faster than ext2 (a very dubious benchmark but it gives an idea). It also takes
about 0.5 second to fsck a 3GByte partition, deletions are *very* fast (less than a second
on an 800MByte file, cf. about 15 seconds on extfs)

Just my 2 cents.


On Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:10:32 -0500 (EST), Jim Crilly <noth@noth.is.eleet.ca> wrote:
> I've been using ext3 on my Alpha (AS 1000A) recently so I thought I'd share =)
> > this sounds interesting. Want to share some experiences regarding Ext-3
> > on Alphas ?
> > Specifically, do you:
> > - use journalling
> > - use it on a SMP box
> The box isn't SMP and I am using the journalling.
> >
> > And further, did  you try to test the journalling ( like turning off the
> > machine in the middle
> > of some disk-ops and restart it to see what happens ) ? Do you use large
> > files ( >2Gbytes ) ?
> I did some testing by hitting reset at random times while the disk was active
> and while it wasn't, I had mostly good sucess but I do think a file or two got
> corrupted.
> > Is your Ext-3 under heavy load ?
> I ran bonnie++ on it for a while, otherwise the box isn't really production so
> the normal load will be low.
> >
> > I'm planning on using Ext-3 on my UP2000 with kernel 2.4.1, as soon as I
> > receive some
> > positive news. I know of ReiserFS, but currently, it's not an option for
> > me.
> I wasn't aware of any 2.4.x patches for ext3 yet, I tried to get ReiserFS
> working but didn't have much luck, mainly because the 2.2 patches for Alpha
> were bad and the current gcc for Alpha chokes on the 2.4 DAC960 driver.
> > The disks will be IDE drives with a little IDE to SCSI converter, to
> > make them look like
> > normal SCSI drives ( 80 Gig IDE drives are sooo much cheaper ;-)
> Offtopic, but I'm curious where you got those, I wasn't aware of such a thing =)
> >
> > I *really* want some rock-solid journalling FS and I hope, it's going to
> > be Ext-3, since it
> > looks the most convincing of the current projects to me.
> >
> I actually did get the kernel to oops with 0.0.5e ext3 last night, the 0.0.6a
> patch was released recently so I have that running today, if it oopses for me
> too I'll mention it.
> Jim
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