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RE: Driver disk series

I can't explain what is going on, but perhaps I can offer an
alternative.  I have done about 4-5 installs of Debian
"potato" for the Alpha using ftp.  I have a quite nice Cable
Modem connection, and everything goes quite smoothly.  If I
recall correctly, just before you get to this point you have
a question about how you want to install the "base system",
which includes the drivers.  One of the options is to
install this via ftp, and that is what I used.  If you
choose this option, then it will immediately jump to
configuring your network and selects the closest mirror then
starts the d/l.  This only works, I assume, if your ethernet
card is already detected as mine was.  Using this method, I
did NOT have to d/l and use the "driver" disks and the
appropriate file(s) was selected for me.  It looks like this
would be a viable alternative, even over a slow link for
installing the "base" system plus driver modules.  After
this is done, you will re-boot and continue the installation
and you again have a selection point on the method to
install the rest of the packages.  Just a thought....the ftp
method is really nice if you have a good link.  Much faster
than d/l and burning an iso file on a CDROM!

Cheers & Good Luck!
-Don Spoon-

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> From: Idar Tollefsen
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> Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 2:33 AM
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> Subject: Driver disk series
> Hello,
> I started a reinstall of Debian, using the floppy method,
> and in the process I wanted to move from Potato to Woody.
> I downloaded the disk images from the Potato tree since
> I couldn't find any "disks-alpha" directory under Woody.
> The installation goes nicely up to the point
> where it asks for
> the first drivers disk. When I insert the disk
> with the image of
> driver-1.bin written to it, it says it's the
> wrong disk. I have tried
> to download and write the file to the disk
> several times to
> make sure it wasn't corrupted.
> The error message goes something like this:
> "Looking for driver series alpha64_generic.
>  This is driver series alpha64_generic.
>  Please insert series driver."
> which doesn't make much sence to me at all.
> Any hints as to what might be the problem  here would be
> greatly appreciated.
> - IT
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