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(fwd) Bug#108538: par: par segmentation fault on sparc (newbie) Installation interruption or impatience .Sex Domains available now! [ xserver-xfree86 on Sparc] [ Bug#108901: clisp_1:2.27-0.1(unstable): FTBFS - bus errors during build on sparc] Re: Are YOU looking for a new website, develop an existing site, cheaper hosting or domain names? Audio on SunBLADE 100 BigMac & Sparc-Classic boot disks joy boot-woes on a sparcstation 1 Booting Debian on starfire Bridging? Bug#107569: gcc-3.0-sparc64_3.0.1-0pre010801_sparc fail apt-get install Can't netboot the installer on sun4c using a.out image Re: can't save changes to edited scripts Cannot mount / as read/write filesystem console-{tools,data} errors during pkg configuration debian 2.2 on sparc IPX debian on netra x1 ? debian on Sun blade 100 Debian on SunBlade 100 installation error Re: DM9102A & Netra X1 DM9102A & Netra X1 (Was Re: Netra X1 boot getting closer) Enterprise 450 errror in gcc-3.0-sparc64_1%3a3.0.2-0pre010826_sparc.deb has gpm been fixed? how to report a bug Install image errors with Netra t1 Re: Is it possible? kernel panic from loadkeys Linux on a SunBlade 100 Re: Linux/Sparc machine? Need help installing Potato on the Netra t1 Netra t1 woes Netra X1 advice? New thread -> X1 fun stuff ntp Offtopic : Configuring two Ips on a single card potato->woody rbuilder on vore broke down rendering png and xpm (and maybe others) in Gnome searching for xine testers Serial Ports don't work on Sparc 20! Some direction required... SPARC 20 firmware error at boot Sparc has slow disk access Sparc Install Failure Sparc20 and kernel 2.4.7: problem to boot SPARC5 boot problems Specifying tftp server in openprom Stable Kernel? Sun Hardware Replacement sun4m and 2.4.x revisited Supported framebuffers (esp TGX) TFTP boot w/ nfsroot Re: Ultra1 Creator quirks Very Close Now Woody, security and architectures woody-to-sid trouble xmodmap & audio 목록 입니다 The last update was on 07:35 GMT Sat May 21. There are 185 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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