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Re: Ultra1 Creator quirks

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, David Smith wrote:

> not only given in the framerate difference (~350 vs. 60) but also in the
> XFree86.0.log (as you can see in the bottom of
> http://ultrasoul.com/ultra1/XFree86.0.log) when it creates the DRI GLX
> context:
> FFB: Allocated WID 1 for DRI window.

ok, i am not getting the same kind of logs as you are. i cant imagine
our kernel configs are that much different. in the morning ill try
out your xconfig to see if it makes any difference.

ive never gotten 350fps, i think 60 is about normal - so im sure hardware
isnt being used now :)

> Nod. When I prohibit the loading of the kernel DRI module, I don't get
> corruption with OpenGL programs. I do get minor pixel corruption in the

how different is the performance for 3D with it not loaded? i built mine
directly in so i could be sure it wasnt a module problem.

> normal compared to x86 machines (XFree86 jumps to ~20% CPU load and 15%
> RAM) but everything keeps chugging. And during periods of heavy I/O and
> CPU it doesn't impact my X performance noticably at all. 

if i do any kind of compiling or file copies, moving windows around
becomes quite a task. i was rather suprised how much the X was affected
by stuff like that. the friggin' 1200bps mouse doesnt help much either,
but my little soldering iron may fix that in the near future :)
> This is very strange that we are getting such different results, and
> neither positive. Take a look at my XF86Config file
> (http://ultrasoul.com/ultra1/XF86Config-4) and see if anything is
> different.
> I'll post my kernel config, too. Diff it with yours and tell me what you
> see.

i build a majority of my stuff into the kernel, so our kernel configs
are likely to be quite different. more tomorrow when i get into the


  john wood

  systems administrator, gmo inc 

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