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Re: Sparc20 and kernel 2.4.7: problem to boot

My dual processor SS20 works fine with the 2.2.19-smp kernel
package.  You don't need 2.4 for that.   And the sun4u package isn't
going to work on a sun4m machine anyway, even if 2.4 was working on
sparc32 machines.


Joël Soete wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found an old Sun Sparc20 station with dual processor, 64Mb of mem and 2
> disk of 1Gb.
> I successfully install the last Debian "potato (r3)".
> As it is a dual processor, I would like to test kernel 2.4 with
> multi-processor support.
> I first try to boot with unstable package
> "kernel-image-2.4.7-sun4u_14_sparc.deb" (and update libc6 and modutils).
> But SILO failed to load kernel: "decompressing error, uncompress image too
> long, wouldn't fir into destination".
> Being newbee on Sparc Linux, all advises will be well come.
> Regards,
>      Joel

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