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Netra X1 advice?

Adam, and others:

I'll be getting a 1U rackmount box soon, to use as a permanent personal
networked linux box, and I'm wondering if you'd recommend the Netra X1.
I've read of the progress towards getting the ethernet device to work, but
more than that, what do you think of the box?  

My sole use of the box will be from far away, so the lack of user-style
ports doesn't bother me.  I'm more worried that Sun cut corners in the
quality department to make a box that inexpensive.  Observations?

I'm not afraid of doing exotic things to get a machine working (tho, I'm
sure the X1's NIC will work soon), but I'd hate to have a machine that 
wasn't even worth 1 kilodollar. 

(Aside, suggestions for other inexpensive, rackmount (2U or less?) machines
is welcome.  Non-i386 is a plus.)


						- chad

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