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Re: Specifying tftp server in openprom

Excerpts from internet.computing.debian.sparc: 17-Aug-101 Specifying
tftp server in o.. by Jason Smith@ece.utexas.e 
> I remember reading that there is a method to specify an IP address and
> tftp server in the "boot net" command at the openprom prompt, but I

Patrick is correct that help boot will give you the syntax, but not all
machines support it. 
Blades and other machines that have Openboot 4.x support it.
Classics (but not LX's or anything else that old) support it.
Most ultra systems can be made to support it if you upgrade their PROM's
to at least OpenBoot 3.26. Ultra 80's that my employers bought this
summer shipped with 3.23, but the E22O's came with 3.29) 

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