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Re: Sparc has slow disk access

Anton Blanchard wrote:
> > Try the solaris test again, Binkey, and this time use a filesystem
> > other than /tmp for the output.  Try setting up a ufs-log file
> > system and see if the performance doesn't exceed that of linux.
> I would think that Solaris tmpfs was faster than their filesystems since
> it wont hit disk unless memory pressure pushes things out to swap.
> btw last time I checked, Linux on ext2 beat Solaris on tmpfs at dbench (a
> filesystem benchmark) by a large margin on a dual ultra 60.

My point exactly: not only is tmpfs a notoriously slow filesystem to
begin with, but in this case it almost surely had to go to disk,
which is REALLY slow when it makes that switch.  The logging UFS
file system should be faster than ext2, but if the PC is using a
udma100 setup and the e250 is using a scsi disk at 20MB/s, then the
faster filesystem might not make any difference.  I just don't
remember what the default disk setup is on a 250, but I thought it
was scsi.  What flavor of scsi, I don't remember.  And I misspelled
Binky.  Dang nab it.


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