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Re: Sparc20 and kernel 2.4.7: problem to boot

Joël Soete wrote:
Hi all,

I found an old Sun Sparc20 station with dual processor, 64Mb of mem and 2
disk of 1Gb.
I successfully install the last Debian "potato (r3)".

As it is a dual processor, I would like to test kernel 2.4 with
multi-processor support.
I first try to boot with unstable package
"kernel-image-2.4.7-sun4u_14_sparc.deb" (and update libc6 and modutils).
But SILO failed to load kernel: "decompressing error, uncompress image too
long, wouldn't fir into destination".

Being newbee on Sparc Linux, all advises will be well come.


I think "u" from sun4u in the package name stands for Ultra, as in UltraSparc. The ss20 is a sun4m machine. I don't think there are prepackaged 2.4 kernel debs that work with ss20. I also have a dual cpu ss20 and I grabbed the sources from cvs on vger.samba.org (you can find info on how to do it from the web page at that host). I can't really attest as to the stability of 2.4 on this machine since I just did it a couple days ago but it's running fine so far. If you do decide to do this, I recommend configuring as little as possible as modules and definitely don't enable sound as modules. I couldn't get the kernel to compile at all when I tried that.

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