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New thread -> X1 fun stuff

That looks similar to the errors that I first got when the csr0 values
were set wrongly. I wonder if a chip register is not getting setup
correctly in certain circumstances. The main thing that I did with
this was to have a look at the chip registers and looked at what was
different between working and non-working versions.

Can you get the following information from situations where the system
is working and not-working. You need to drop into OBP and then use
these commands to dump the hardware registers for the device that is
not working (I think that it was eth1 in your case).


1fe.02010000 100 piodump 
1fe.01006000 100 piodump                                                     


1fe.02010100 100 piodump 
1fe.01002800 100 piodump                                                     

The first command dumps the chip registers and the second command
dumps the devices pci configuration space. 

I'm not convinced that this is exactly what I saw because I didn't get
the SABRE0: messages I just got the "System Error occured (2)" message
but it might give a clue to what is wrong.


Adam McKenna writes:
 > So, I finally managed to get Debian installed on my Netra X1, I now have a
 > repeatable problem (well, repeatable in the sense that it happens every other
 > boot.)  I figured I'd start a new thread, and trim the headers, since I
 > figure most of the people who were included in the last thread are on one of
 > these two lists.
 > For the boot log, please see http://spotted.flounder.net/~adam/boot-log.txt
 > It seems to happen exactly every other boot.  I've rebooted about 8 times now
 > and it always boots fine the second time (after crashing.)
 > --Adam
 > -- 
 > Adam McKenna  <adam@debian.org>  <adam@flounder.net>
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