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woody-to-sid trouble

Hi again.

I installed a fresh copy of Woody on my blade, and immediately changed
the sources.list to reference sid.  (I could not install sid from the
tftpboot images due to the script's failure to "mount -t proc proc
/proc" which apparently was already mounted.)

Everything upgraded fine, but once I rebooted, the machine is mounting
/dev/hda5 read-only.  Although when I run /bin/mount, it reports this:

  /dev/hda5 on / type ext2 (rw)

but when I "touch /foo" I can confirm that / is mounted read-only.

Also, if I simply run "mount /" after I log in, mount tells me this:

  mount: block device /dev/hda5 is write-protected, mounting read-only

Although the device file /dev/hda5 is normal, as is my fstab (I had a
working woody running previously).

I don't have much experience with sid, and I haven't had the best of
luck doing dist-upgrades in the past, but I'm eager to test out the
feedback I received about X4 and audio on my brand new Blade!  Thanks.

Jason Smith
Linux, BSD, and lesser Unix
University of Texas ECE-LRC

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