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Re: SPARC 20 firmware error at boot

Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> I've got a SPARC 20 running sid that will no longer boot.  It fails
> before running the kernel with the following error:
> PROMLIB: obio_ranges 5
> IDPROM: Checksum failure (nvram=5d, calc=d0)!

The Good:
Please have a look at the Sun NVRAM FAQ. This page helped me to
replace the NVRAM chip (SparcStation 2) and most important to
reprogram the new one. Now I know how to change the Ethernet MAC
to whatever I like :-)  May be you find something useful there or
the author can help you.
The Bad:
I can't exactly remember the URL. If I'm right it was something
like squirrel.com and the page was called "Sun Host ID FAQ" or
something like that. av.com or google.com should know this page...

Greetings from Germany


To err is human; effective mayhem requires the root password :-)

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