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Sun Hardware Replacement

I was given a Sun Sparc 2 that our office had lying around.
I got all prepared to install Debian Linux and have found that the CDRom is
missing the drive caddy, hence I can't use it.

It is external and the details are as follows,
Model	:	411
PN	:	595-1929-05
SN	:	141G1984

My question is thus,

	Does anybody know where I can buy a CD caddy for this ???

Sun are absolutely no help and I've accidentally found in previous years web
sites of companies that deal in old Sun but can't find any of them now.

Please, I'm desperate.

  Damian Del Campo,  B.Eng (Comp Sys - Hons)
  Software Engineer,  SAGRN Project
  Phone  	08 8401 7037	(Flinders St)
  Fax      	08 8231 1385
  E-mail  	Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com

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