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SPARC5 boot problems

I've got a sparc5 with potato installed.  I managed to mess up the boot process so that I can't get it to boot from the hard disk.  I tried to get the OBP to boot the kernel image directly instead of silo, and then I read the docs.  My root disk is /dev/sda2, or /iommu/sbus/espdma/esp/sd@1,0 but when I try to boot sd@1,0:2/sbin/silo from the OK prompt it complains that it can't find the image.  The disk doesn't have a sun disklabel (does it require one?).  Can someone tell me what I need to try?

Wes Byne                    
Water Quality Modeling and Watershed Assessments
fbyne@engr.uga.edu          (voice):706-542-6041  

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