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Re: (newbie) Installation interruption or impatience

So sorry -- I realized that more info was required, but didn't want to clog
the works.

It's a Sparc IPC w/ 48 meg memory (32 ram /16 rom), 1.3 gig scsi hdd, cdrom,
tape backup . . .  I'm installing from the cdrom from disks I purchased from
Debian after I had the same prob w/ floppies I made from the free disk
images at Debian -- figured it was a media prob.

I checked the log. Other than the timestamp (and therefore the system time)
being about 8 hours ahead, nothing seems to have happened.

There are two lines:

aug 18 16:05:40 (none) Syslogd Started: BusyBox v0.43

aug 18 16:08:22 (none) user.info dbootstrap[38]:

I am able to use F3 to access the shell: I can 'pwd' and get root, and I
'ls' and get 'I/O error' -- beyond that, I am unsure what to do here

Thanks for your quick response.  I am interested in your interpretation.

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> On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 07:47:23AM -0600, C. Ridout wrote:
> > I have read that 'a chicken' could install this thing.
> >
> > I have hit "Initialize a Swap Partition" and begun the process -- no
scan for bad sectors this time (last time, I stop-a'd the thing after 30+
hours of scan for bad sectors).  How long do I stare at the flashing cursor
before punting.
> >
> > Feeling silly .  .
> What type of system? Note, you can switch to the other consoles to see
> what is going on. Use ALT+F3 to see the log console, and you can switch
> to ALT+F2 for a shell.
> Try to see what's going on during this freeze.
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