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Re: Supported framebuffers (esp TGX)

Dear Sir,
It depends on what system you have. Pre-Ultra's the only 24 bit frame-buffer is the ZX which is a Dual slot Frame Buffer. For early Ultra's there is the Creator Series , unfortuneatly Ultra's do not accept the ZX Frame Buffer otherwise I'd use one in my Ultra 1 (Which has the 4MB Turbo GX) and later Ultra's have gone to PCI and Creator(PGX32, and Creator, and one other but I can't think of it's name). As far as TurboGX VS GX I have not had any problems (Other than the 76 Colors issue) with it. It is a very good card for 8 bit, I have not had a lick of problems with it, and it refreshes really fast. :-) Overall a very good 8 bit card.

  Chris Brandstetter

Chris.Smith@raytheon.co.uk wrote:


Not totally Debian but I shall ask anyway.  What are TGX
framebuffers like compared to GX ones???  My GX is getting
to be dog slow so it's time for an upgrade!

Alternatively are there any decent 24-bit ones that are
supported by the X servers?


- Chris.

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