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Re: sun4m and 2.4.x revisited

If it's an important part of your network, it doesn't seem to make
sense to risk significant down time and/or admin work to switch to

Why are you so keen on moving to 2.4?  It must be a very good reason
to risk destabilizing the machine.

If it was a small amount of extra work, it would be done long before
now.  I even compiled a few myself (had to fix a bunch of header
file problems) but they wouldn't boot.  I've heard that very
recently the vger cvs tree has code that will boot and run but is
not ready for prime time.


Simon Read wrote:
> Folks,
> I have two questions:
> What  about the 2.4.x  kernels is  wrong that  they don't  function on
> sun4m?  Is  this problem a  simple build fix (wrong  headers, compiler
> options, &c), or does it require major software writing?
> Does the kernel at vger.samba.org differ  from the one that we have in
> 2.4.7?  Does that kernel correctly support sun4m?
> I have a single SS20 which is an important part of my network.  I want
> to upgrade it to  a 2.4.x kernel, and if a small  amount of extra work
> would fix the problem in the  distribution I'd be willing to do it.  I
> simply don't have time to get into major kernel development though.

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