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Re: Enterprise 450

I did on a E4500, 10cpus. I works beautiful, but linux seems to lack some
board control support, such as temperature control. I've installed the
whole system in about 30min from potato iso.


On Sun, 12 Aug 2001, Bjørn Mork wrote:

> Igor Támara <igor@tamarapatino.com> writes:
> > Hi, does anyone have configured a machine like this?  I'm interested
> > in using Debian in this machine.  I have revised the archives, but I
> > did not find anyone reporting success on that machine.
> I installed Debian woody on a 4 cpu E450 a few weeks ago. My only
> problem was that I got a bit confused by the interface numbering (the
> interface that was hme1 in Solaris became eth0 in Linux and vice
> versa).
> Haven't gotten around to play much with it yet, but at least the
> install went smoothless.
> Bjørn
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