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Debian on SunBlade 100 installation error

I'm new to debian and sparc. I'm trying to install Debian on my SunBlade 100, but I'm stuck at the end of the first part of the installation process.
I netboot the sun on a freebsd server using the current tftpboot.imp of Ben Collins. The installation starts without problem. I use the following partition sheme on the hard disk:
hda1 /boot
hda2 /swap
hda3 /root
hda4 /usr
hda5 /home
hda6 /var 
I use the network installation.
I add the following module to the kernel : autofs, nfsd, isofs.
All the download process goes well until it tries to install the packages. It stops with the following message on the screen: Installing essential packages.
At this stage the machine is completely frozen and I have to cold boot.
I've tried to put the whole disk type (5) on hda3 : same result.
I've tried not to include modules in the kernel : same result.
I've tried both distribution : test and unstable : same result.
Apparently, if I restart the machine and I try the option Make Hard Disk Bootable, it tells me that it cannot install SILO.
Thank you all for your help.

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