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Re: Linux on a SunBlade 100

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Jason Smith wrote:

> Have you had any success getting XFree86 4 working on your Blade?

I don't have a console on my SunBlade. All direct communication is done
via the serial port. (I was happy to note that the Debian curses-based
installation menus worked fine over a serial port.) I have been able to
get vncserver to serve up sessions successfully -- but I doubt that's
what you're asking.

> Also, I had trouble installing sid from Ben's tftpboot.img; although I
> could install testing and dist-upgrade.  Did you notice this?

I'm so new to Debian that I'm still trying to figure out all the
codenames and the relationship between the various branches. I'll have
to get back to you when I get a better handle on this distro.

-- Paul Heinlein <paul.l.heinlein@home.com>

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