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Re: Sparc has slow disk access

Quoting my previous mail and adding the rest of my homework:

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Tille, Andreas wrote:

> > That's your homework for today.  Tomorrow we'll get to advanced disk
> > performance considerations. ~:^)
> Sorry for beeing late in solving my homework but I left my place just
> after sending my last E-Mail and just beeing back now.  I´m looking
> foreward to the next lession ;-).
I now build kernel 2.4.8 for the E250 and did the same test as with
2.2.19 and there was no significant difference (99s for the 2.2.19
against 93 for the 2.4.8 kernel makes quite nothing if you think about
+-2s error and the PC needed 51s).

I´m looking forward to the advanced disk performance considerations. ~:^)

Any hints if there could be something wrong with the machine or it
is the "normal" behaviour.  Anybody able to test similar setups?

Kind regards


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