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Re: Sparc Install Failure

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Steve Traylen wrote:

> Im trying to install potato on a Sparc Ultra 1 using the rescue and root
> floppies and then download the base over http.
> It all goes well untill the writing of the boot floppy fails as does making
> the hard disk bootable. The latter fails silentley.
> Obviously the disk and floppy have been detected during the install since
> partition and loading 'root.bin' are successfull.
> Also selecting to eject the floopy from the Debian install menus fails
> as well.
> Looks like its forgotton about its devices at some point during the install.

Have you try starting the installation process from a cd?
I started the installation from cd.
And from floppies on a SPARCstation LX and they both worked.

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