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Re: Ultra1 Creator quirks

David Smith <davidsmith@acm.org> writes:

> Today I performed a fresh install of sid on an ultra1 200e creator
> and I upgraded the kernel to the CVS version of vger.samba.org. I
> couldn't find any reference to the bugs below in the database, has
> anyone else experienced these?
> 1) Running any OpenGL program with DRI hardware accleration enabled
> causes massive display corruption (test with glxgears). Colors are
> also rendered wrong in SDL applications using OpenGL (test with
> tuxracer). On the subject of DRI, I have to remove the Load "dri"
> line from the Modules section of my XF86Config file for X to start
> and it is indeed using DRI without that line.

I have an Elite3D m3 which isn't supported by DRI.

> 2) Running mozilla (or galeon or skipstone) causes the X server to
> segfault (signal 11), with or without DRI enabled (it even crashes
> with Option "NoAccel"). 

It even crashes remote X servers, at least 4.1 on i386.


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