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Re: Supported framebuffers (esp TGX)

In article <3B814AC7.2000701@inventivecomm.com> you write:
>Dear Sir,
>   It depends on what system you have.  Pre-Ultra's the only 24 bit 
>frame-buffer is the ZX which is a Dual slot Frame Buffer. 

[I'm new to debian, and never ran it on a sparc.  I've been using
sunos & solaris for years however.]

Actually, there were quite a few different 24-bit framebuffers.
Unfortuantatly, none were popular (due to the cost) and tended to be
supported for very short periods of time.  Some were hardware options
for specific models (sparcsystems 5, 20, and 10sx all had options), and
others were third party boards.

Which, if any, have support under linux I don't know.  I've got a
parrallax double-wide frambuffer/video capture board, and a VME bus
cg9, both currently idle.

The tgx should be slightly faster than the gx for accelerated
operations, but I'm not sure it would be noticable.

If you think the gx is too slow, you will probably be disapointed with
anything you could get working.  It's fast compared to some of the 24-bit
Blars Blarson 					blarson@blars.org
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