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Re: Stable Kernel?

Ben, thanks, I actually need both 32/64 bit recompiles and you've
answered both quite nicely. I'll give 2.4.x a punt by myself on 64 bit
and see how I go. If things go astray, you'll hear from me again :)

Thus spake Ben Collins (bcollins@debian.org):

> On Thu, Aug 02, 2001 at 02:46:43PM +1000, Craige McWhirter wrote:
> > Quick call for advice. I was wondering what people thought of the
> > stability / performance of the 2.4.x series on a production Potato
> > server?
> What type of system? If it's a sparc32 (sun4m, sun4c, ...), then stick
> with 2.2.x, because 2.4.x just wont run well right now.
> If you're talking about an UltraSPARC, I say go for the latest 2.4.x
> (2.4.7 right now), as it is much more stable, especially on high end
> systems. HOWEVER, you will need to upgrade some packages on potato to
> work with 2.4.x. One main thing is modutils (you can recompile the
> package if you want, and I can give you quick instructions for
> rebuilding the package on potato). There may be others.



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