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Re: Are YOU looking for a new website, develop an existing site, cheaper hosting or domain names?

How does this crap get on list? 
cant we have filtering...

20 UKP for NOT EVEN A PRIMARY DOMAIN!! Its a secondary domain!

60 UKP for hosting only 10 MB, unknown tranfer rates, what a rip-off...
EXTRA charges for ssl?

P. T. Barnum must have been right, and statsicaly adjusted for planetary
population growth there must have been at least one born every minute...

robin-david hammond

my resume is hosted at web.bestweb.net/~muaddib/resume

 "One cannot guess the real difficulties of a problem before having solved it." 

-- Carl Ludwig Siegel

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Havealook at This wrote:

> To: "debian-sparc@lists.debian.org" <debian-sparc@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: Are YOU looking for a new website, develop an existing site,
>      cheaper hosting or domain names?
> Are YOU looking for a new website, to develop an existing website, for
> cheaper hosting or domain names?
> We are a UK based company who would like to offer you our considerable
> experience and expertise in the field of website design, eCommerce, eTailing
> and search engine positioning.
> Domain name registration from 20, website design both new and updated sites
> undertaken from 100, website hosting from 60pa, full professional after
> sales service and maintenance from 10 pm, secure server space and security
> certificates from 100 pa, marketing tips and advise free to our clients, top
> ranking search engine positioning available. View our price list at
> http://www.havealook.net/pricelist2.htm
> All of our designs are custom made for our client's requirements and are our
> best advert. These are just a small sample to show you the variety of our
> portfolio.
> http://www.havealook.net/portfolio2.htm
> So, whether you want to advertise your business more effectively, reach a
> larger catchment area or sell in the global market; WE have the BEST solution
> for you. We are independently tested on a daily basis and are consistently in
> the top of the performance listings of all the major ISP hosting companies in
> the UK.
> Please enquire for more details by replying to this email, use our enquiry
> form at http://www.havealook.net/enquiry2.asp or call us on 0044 (0)1446
> 719219 during UK office hours 9am to 5pm to discuss your requirements.
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> to this email and let us know you'd like to be removed.
> We look forward to hearing from you. The team at NTH. www.havealook.net
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