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Re: Sun Hardware Replacement

Bill Edwards wrote:
"Del Campo, Damian" wrote:

I was given a Sun Sparc 2 that our office had lying around.
I got all prepared to install Debian Linux and have found that the CDRom is
missing the drive caddy, hence I can't use it.

It is external and the details are as follows,
Model   :       411
PN      :       595-1929-05
SN      :       141G1984

My question is thus,

       Does anybody know where I can buy a CD caddy for this ???

This is a standard CD Caddy like Sony P/N RM40-033.  Not sure who might carry
them in OZ, but you might try Trojan Computers in Abbotsford
<www.trojan.com.au>  if you can't get them locally..  Here in Canada I get them
from Trimex Marketing in the Vancouver area under their Perfect Micro brand.
They retail for about $9 - 10 CDN.

Hope this helps,

Bill Edwards

Ebay has Sun CD-ROM drives all the time.

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