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Re: Sparc has slow disk access

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Andrew Sharp wrote:

> My point exactly: not only is tmpfs a notoriously slow filesystem to
Sorry what´s the difference between /tmp directory on / which has
the "default" filesystem I created while installing Solaris 8.
I really can´t understand why /tmp should be slow??????????

> begin with, but in this case it almost surely had to go to disk,
> which is REALLY slow when it makes that switch.  The logging UFS
> file system should be faster than ext2, but if the PC is using a
> udma100 setup and the e250 is using a scsi disk at 20MB/s, then the
> faster filesystem might not make any difference.  I just don't
> remember what the default disk setup is on a 250, but I thought it
> was scsi.  What flavor of scsi, I don't remember.  And I misspelled
> Binky.  Dang nab it.
And what *is* Binky???

Kind regards


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