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Re: boot disks joy

> On Aug 15, Ben Collins illuminated with a virtual scribe  :

> It shouldn't need to do that. You specify the boot disk location
> explicitly like:
> http://http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-sparc/current/
> That is the default. What did you put in?
the installer asked for `where the debian archive resides', I replied with
/instmnt (nfs mount of our local mirror) and it then proceeded to search
for files.  I did not get an opportunity to choose between `list all
available` or  'manual' selection.  I tried putting the full path to the
'current' boot-disks but the installer would not accept it.

> BTW, thanks for the sun4m report. I hadn't heard anything about them in
> awhile and was wondering whether they even worked :)
anytime.  I've an ELC and an ultra5 to check it on too.  I'll let you know how
they go RSN.

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