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Re: debian on Sun blade 100

On 03 Aug 2001 09:37:27 -0700, Paul Sajda wrote:
> I have been trying to get my Sun blade 100 up and running with debian
> and have had little success.  I tried  to use the tftpboot.img from Ben
> Collins "current" directory but am having some ARP/RARP and/or TFTP
> problems.  Any word on when there will be a cdimage release of debian
> which will run on the Sun Blade 100?  Also assuming I get it to boot,
> has anyone installed the entire base system and packages from CD 2 and
> CD 3 (or equivalent) on their blade 100?  Any advice or pointers would
> be much appreciated--else I will need to go back with Solaris 8 (I much
> prefer GNU/Linux).

first off, make sure you have tftpd and rarp on in your server machine
(inetd on some distros, xinetd on others).

then, you will need to have the mac address of the blade correspond to
the ip address you want to give it in your /etc/ethers

the blade will get the ip address based off its mac address and then
request a file from the server based off its IP address in HEX.  this
file should be in your configured tftpboot folder. so, if my IP address
is, the file the blade will request on my setup is
/tftpboot/0A0204C2 which I have as a symlink to tftpboot.img from ben
collins current directory.

at the ok prompt, you would type:

ok boot net:

where is the IP address of the rarp/tftpboot server.

email if this does not work for you...


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