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Re: can't save changes to edited scripts

Hello there

I recently installed Debian (2.2_rev3) on my SparcStation 10.  It too has 
the same errors reported by Greg Teigue:  one can touch files but not edit 
The command:

#mount -o remount,rw /

succeeds (or exits 0 at least) and this is confirmed by the ability to touch new files.  My filesystem looks like this:
(the computer's not on so I'll be improvising)

sda1		1024M	       ext2
sda2		200M	       swap
sda3		2048	       wholedisk
sda4		200M	       ext2
sda5		500M	       ext2
sda6		100M	       ext2

I in fact do know how to use a UNIX editor (several in fact) and both vi and emacs fail at editing a file.  I did not try ed but I figure the problem ain't there ;)  Anywayz, looking at lists.debian.org, I didn't see much headway, but Colin Walters mentions something about having this problem once so I'm wondering what he did to fix this, or if there is anything else that I have done wrong.


David Kordonowy

p.s.  I'm not on the list, so please cc: (but I do check the archives fairly often)

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