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how to report a bug


how can I report following bugs concerning potato/sparc?

-I installed potato on my ultra 10, but the first reboot fails.
it only boots when I type "/vmlinuz-2.2.19-sun4u" on the openBootProm.
I also have to edit /etc/silo.conf and change the line.

-After installing apache I have a endless directory in
/etc/apache/conf; I can cd into ../conf several time like
cd /etc/apache/conf/conf/conf/conf/conf/conf/conf.... (tested ~50).

-Updating from potato to woody is only possible if I make an apt-get install
perl before apt-get install upgrade/dist-upgrade.

-After updating to woody X freezes on ever window movement (tested with gnome,
twm, enlightenment, sawfish).

-KDE is unusable on woody.

May someone could help....


Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz

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