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Re: debian 2.2 on sparc IPX

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 09:18:33AM -0400, Forrest Whitesides wrote:
> I don't have a CDrom for the IPX, so I installed from the base floppies. The
> installation went perfectly. The only problem is that I cannot access any IP
> addresses beyond my local network to download and install further packages.
> I can ping machines on my local IP range (10.0.0.x), but nothing on the
> outside of the network. There is a PIX firewall installed on the LAN, but no
> proxy server. Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong?

Was a route added for this? Find out the routers local IP (should be a
10.x.x.x address), and do this:

route add default gw 10.x.x.x

Check the output of the "route" command to see if the route exists.

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