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8bit-chars in X-applications Re: About r-base on the powerpc. Re: Apple Clone with Linux backspace key under X base2_2.tgz problems booting ... Re: Can Debian run in IMacs? comparison bugs debian for powerpc disks-powerpc FTP problems gnome packages .... gnome stuff ... Gtk1.2 colo_selection widget crashes X on planar amifb fbdev X server gtk1.2 & glib1.2 debs on valinor how does the dbuild daemon handle source dependencies ? How usiball are things? Ibm Rs/6000 iMac installation IMacs and Debian. :) installer Installing... installing Debian on iMac Install of DebianPPC on a PowerMac kernel libc6 Dependency problems libgtk1.2 ? libstdc++ problems Man doesn't seem to use cat versions of manpages netatalk installing problems new apache breaks old apache modules new glibc, egcs, etc. option and command PCMCIA persistant mouse pointer pilot-link package PReP install disk? Problem compiling bind with egcc (was: Re: new glibc, egcs, etc.) RS/6000 Model 43P/120 supported? (Semi-Offtopic) Source for Motorola CSG boards? Re: Single-button mouse Single-button mouse and X keyboard: solved stability of powerpc? swap, /dev/sda8 and other such stuff ... tetex needs recompiling ... using glibc 2.1 in a non-Debian distribution Very slow mail delivery xbase-client The last update was on 20:15 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 164 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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