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Re: About r-base on the powerpc.

>>>>> "KM" == Konstantinos Margaritis <kmargar@cc.uoa.gr> writes:

  KM> On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Hartmut Koptein wrote:

  >> Ahh, thats the problem!
  >> It isn't defined for glibc-2.1 anymore. Also not on i386. This is
  >> the fpu_control.h for i386: (for glibc-2.1; the reason is maybe
  >> the IEEE stuff)

  KM> So, what do we do now for this? I suppose there is no need to
  KM> file a bug report.  It seems as if the situation will be solved
  KM> soon and easily, right?

I just uploaded a pre-release version of the r-base_0.63.3 package to

This version checks if __setfpucw is defined before trying to invoke
it in src/unix/system.c

Could someone on the debian-powerpc list please try to compile this
package and report if it compiles cleanly for you?  Once you have
compiled you can check if it runs at all by using
 make test
in the compilation directory.  That generates a lot of output in the
tests subdirectory.

Once you have installed, you should be able to run the executable
/usr/bin/R.  After a splash screen you get a "> " prompt.  At that
point you can use
 demo( graphics )
to test the X11 graphics device driver.  You exit R with

Douglas Bates                            bates@stat.wisc.edu
Statistics Department                    608/262-2598
University of Wisconsin - Madison        http://www.stat.wisc.edu/~bates/

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