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I'm slowly progressing in my adventure of installing Debian on my PMac.
I have some suggestions about the installation docs.

Outdated or not, this guide is really fuzzy. Still I think it could be
added to the installation guide that's in the disks-powerpc diectory.

Here's an example of the questions I've asked myself without finding
fast answers:

- how do I create a floppy with the base14-x.bin files
  It looks like I need some Linux system to do it.

- second option is to install base2_2.tgz on a CD or HD
  I need Linux to do that.
  Or maybe write an ISO part on a CD-R.

I'm not sure if I am right here, but if I am, it's not obvious enough in
the docs.

Now, once I have an ext2 filesystem with the base2_2.tgz contents on it.
I need this "Boot Variables" program to configure Open Firmware.

- how can I boot Debian on a non Open Firmware PowerMac?
(lukily not my case)

If I have the right settings and booted Debian:

- how do I come back to MacOS.
- is there some "Boot Variables" equivalent
  in the Debian distribution?

I don't want to reset my PRAM just to get back to MacOS.

I hope this can be usefull the day somebody updates the docs. I don't
know how many people tried to install Debian for PowerPC, how many have
PowerMacs, if I'm the only stupid guy who had these troubles... Maybe
it's really not intended for consumption by "normal" MacOS users. If
you're missing feedback from inexperienced people like me, I'll be happy
to add some more. And if you don't care, just tell me to shut up ;-)


Joel Klecker wrote:
> At 11:47 +0100 1999-03-18, Christian Zapf wrote:
> >Hi there
> >
> >I have some troubles with the base14-x.bin files
> They aren't macbinary, despite the extension.

OK! Got it.

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