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Ibm Rs/6000

Hi to all,
I'd like to install a debianized linux on a IBM Rs/6000 40P.
I installed a redhat version of linux on it some time ago,
and I know it will work, but as I am working with Debian more
and more recently I would have liked to try it.
Shortly: there's no rescue/root images on ftp.debian.org under
sid/.../disks-powerpc !
How can I boot the machine to install the base, even on floppies?
As you can imagine, I can't boot MacOS on this hardware :))

Can anyone point me towards the right direction?

thanks a bunch!
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Guido Bolognesi    - guido@dsnet.it _| / __|
Unix & Network Adm - DS Logics Srl / . \__ \
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