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(Semi-Offtopic) Source for Motorola CSG boards?

Hi there, folks. This is semi-offtopic, so you've been warned.

Does anyone know of any resellers of Motorola CSG's ATX PowerPC
motherboards, or other PowerPC 604e/750 motherboards? They MUST be
dual-processor capabable. Bulk quantities are a must.

And they must be happy with Linux out of the box if at all possible. (I
can hack it if they aren't.)

I'm busy at work designing a line of PowerPC Linux workstations and
servers. And they're going to be based on Motorola's board if at all
possible. Need to be able to order >250 of them and be able to have a
MINIMUM of 250 within 1 week of order placement. 

If anybody knows where I should look, please let me know. Thanks muchly!

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