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Re: Single-button mouse and X keyboard: solved

Blackie <blackie@zf.jcu.cz> writes:

> I finally managed a mouse to behave well by kernel argument>
> 'adb_buttons=0x67,0x6f' (keycodes of F11 for middle button and F12
> for right button emulation). It works in gpm as well as in XFBDev.
> BTW, is it right that left and right Ctrl's, Options's have same
> keycodes?

the next question is: how do i get my three button mouse to work under
X (and the console i guess)? my mouse right now behaves just like a
single button mouse.

a second question: how do i pass arguments to the kernel? i have only
linux installed on a powerpc, and i use quik (i think) not bootX. i
say i think i use quik because changing /etc/quik.conf doesn't seem to
do anything. only by using nvsetenv do i get to boot a new kernel
image and the like. i see there is a boot-command env variable which
right now just says boot. do i pass extra kernel arguments through
this? thanks.


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