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Re: swap, /dev/sda8 and other such stuff ...

> potato is getting more and more broken as time pass and packages are compiled
> with glibc2.1, while glibc2.1 is not officially available in potato. What is
> holding you back Hartmut ? i guess you are waiting for the FSF to release
> glibc2.1 after solving the egcs/gcc political stuff ? will they modify glibc,
> or just wait for a fix in gcc to compile it ?

I can't just upload only the binaries for powerpc for unstable, it must be also
with the source. The reason is similary to the xfree- upload. :-)

If i or Joel Klecker (the libc maintainer) uploads now the source, every auto-builder
will get this packages and tries to compile it. This is not good for m68k for the
moment. So we wait, that slink (debian 2.1) will move from state frozen to stable.
The time-point was last monday, but we delayed it for one week. 

> Apart from that, has anyone managed to compile gnome stuff on dbeian/ppc ? does
> the dbuild daemon build it succesfully ? last i tried it built with errors, but
> then the gnome panel crashed on me. Is this a good package/group of packages i
> could work on ? After glib/gtk1.2 gets packaged naturally ...
> Will glib/gtk1.2 get build automatically ?

Gnome is somewhat broken and the auto-builder hasen't get gtk1.2 yet ...



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