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Re: debian for powerpc

According to Mikael Aaltonen <ring-1@laatikko.saunalahti.fi>:
> Hi!
> I?ve seen some mails in this list about people telling others about difficulties
> in Debian PPC version. My question is that which way have you installed that to 
> ppc mac if there is no available any installer (at least I haven?t find it from 
> standart mirrors) ?

I did have a RedHat installed. I made room to free a partition to
put the base package and a kernel. I did make the config files as needed
(that would have been made by the installer) and set the network up.
Then I rebooted on it, plugged to the networks, and I used deselect and
downloaded apt (a needed package to do fast network installation).
Then I downloaded everything else with dselect using apt.

I must say that I also had to download some package manually because
they were not in the main archive... (like X11, glibc2.1, etc).

> I finded the packages allright, but missing the installer files; and I have been
> reading that 68k mac installer doesn?t work in PPC Mac, or am I wrong?

68k Mac will NOT work. Neither will alpha, sparc on i386 work :-)

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