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Re: Gtk1.2 colo_selection widget crashes X on planar amifb fbdev X server

On Tue, Mar 09, 1999 at 01:37:43PM +0000, Jesper Skov wrote:
> >>>>> "Michel" == Michel Dänzer <michdaen@iiic.ethz.ch> writes:
> Michel> I still don't trust the egcs we're using ATM and I suspect
> Michel> it's his/her fault.
> 'its' fault (hey! I'm giving language lessons. Who would have thought :)
> Anyway, I believe Gary Thomas found (another) egcs bug in the strength
> reduce code which affected GTK. Try to see if using
> -fno-strength-reduce (IIRC) fixes the problem.

Ok will try that this afternoon, i guess i will have to recompile gtk and my
app with it ? what about the X server ?



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