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Re: tetex needs recompiling ...

> > Sven: come on, do real work. Take berlin, mtools, ggilib, ... but install
> > first glibc-2.1.
> berlin needs ggilib, so i should work on ggilib first, but like said, perhaps i
> am not the best person for that right now, unless i want to use the X target ...
> is there anything else that needs working on ? what about gnome stuff ? but
> perhaps i should wait for glib/gtk1.2 debian packages ...
> will potato be linux 2.2 and glibc 2.1 on all archs ?

The above are only three packages you can work on. 

Glibc-2.1 will not break your system. 

Yes, potato will be linux-2.2 and glibc-2.1.

Any new upload should be with glibc-2.1. 

Yes, glibc-2.1 is official!!!! Ignore the 'political' aspect. 

Yes, the glibc-2.1 from powerpc.debian.org will be the one we take in potato,
if we don't compile a newer one. 



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